Nepenthe Press takes on the world of authoring, writing and publishing in the 2020s. Nepenthe breaks stuff down, moves it all around, shakes and recreates it, makes  a home in the side-bars, ripples the reeds, appreciates the algae.

Nepenthe publishes narrativised neofiction, imaginative and theoretical-critical writing which pushes boundaries, avoids rules and embraces infinite possibilities. Nepenthe will will also consider poetry/prose pieces and works integrated with black and white illustration, photography or graphic art and design.

Nepenthe is a sibling to Blackwing Press and operates beneath the Blackwing architecture. Blackwing focusses on memoirs and fiction in recognisable and fairly conventional form. Nepenthe wants to offer writing which tries to do something if not completely different, at least outside the boundaries of both conventional Trad Pub and Indie publication. The hope is that Nepenthe offers a space for high quality literary writing which would never be accepted by a traditional publisher and equally would not match up with the parameters of conventional genre-driven e-book publishing.

This site is still under construction and Nepenthe has hardly begun. But there is plenty to do and think about, and comments and contributions to the site are welcome.






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